Did he tell his friends that I like him?

So I kind of got very loud around this guy, he's got to know, (if not suspect).

Now his friends are acting weird, one of them was purposely trying to catch my attention, the other one was smiling when he caught me staring in the mirror.

Does he know I like him, or did he think I was just harmlessly flirting?
Do guys usually tell their friends?
Isn't it kind of mean of him to tell them?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He told his friends.

    • Why did he do that? Isn't that kind of a jerk thing to do

What Girls Said 1

  • He probably has his suspicions. If you make it obvious he'll probably figure it out. That might not be a bad thing, if he thinks you're interested it'll give him incentive to make a move (:

    • I feel like he realizes it, I try to keep away so he won't figure it out.

    • But if you keep away then there will never be a chance for you to be together!

    • You know I just realized something, I did something where he should've gotten mad but he wasn't.

      I just realized it's because he knows, because if he didn't any other person would be pissed.

      He either doesn't care enough to be angry, or he knows but doesn't want to make it worse by getting mad back

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