Is it obvious that he is not interested?

We've been having eye-contact since November but he've never talked to each other even if we had many chances.
Yesterday night I was hanging out with a frined of mine at a bar and he came at the same bar with his friends. I couldn't look at him because there were other people in front of him.
My friend told me that when I went to the WC he was looking at my ass.
After that we went to a street party and about an hour later he came with his friends, too. He sat down and was talking with his friends. So, me and my friend sat down next to them. Later, he got up and was standing and talking with his friends again. But when he sat back down, he sat closer to me than we did before. Our elbows were touching at times. A couple of minutes later, a dog came to me and I was caressing it. So did he. We were caressing the same dog, at the same time. And he was looking at me and smiling. And he stopped and i kept stroking the dog, he kept looking at me.
Also, he checked about two times his cell phone which I thought it was a sign of embaressement because I did the same. At some time, my friend left me alone next to him, but again he didn't say a word even if it was a great chance.
So, I got up and left. When I left he was looking at me.
I don't know what to assume... I know, it's almost obvious that he is not interested but there are all these signs I can't ignore.
And then I think again:If he was interested wouldn't he talk to me? No matter how shy he is!


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  • It's hard to say what he was thinking. He might be not that interested, but he could also just be too shy to say anything. Striking up conversions can be difficult, even if you're really interested in the person. Personally, I would think that's more likely if he's been looking at you a lot. I don't tend to look at people that much unless I find them attractive.

  • Why dont you make a move first? You girls think it's easy for a man to start talking out of nowhere to a girl that he barely knows her name, in my opinion girls should be the one to ask out the guy, because we will be straight to you like:"Yes whenever you want" or "No, because I dont find you attractive". You girls answer like:"Yes, but not this week I have a lot of work" when you don't like someone. Make a move you dont have something to lose he saw your ass that means you have a high chance to go out with him even if its just for a sex he won't reject you. Its just common sense if you have a great ass there is no way in hell a guy would reject you trust me (except for me I am looking for a princess that has no such a big deal ass)

    • Hahaha that was a funny answer! :p I know... I was thinking about talking to him because I was pretty sure that he wouldn't say a word. But if he was interessted wouldn't he find the courage to say just a simple"hey"?

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    • Well, I see. And as it's hard for me to say something it's hard for him, too.
      But I'm just thinking that if we didn't talk yesterday when we were sitting so close, he won't talk ever.

    • Its your choice if you want him so bad do something if you dont just stalk him till he finds someone better

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