Does a family death entitle him to ignore me?

I had been seeing this guy for a few months when he gradually stopped talking all together, it took a week for a text saying he was sorry but he had a crazy week and would get back to me soon. Promise! and nothing else. Then after a text from me saying I hoped he was ok and that a explanation to the sudden silence would be nice. After a few weeks did I get one saying his cousin had died and that his ex wife had a new partner. I hurt for him but I feel hurt that he didn't say a thing. Like I meant so little to him. we had previously been really open and he grieved to me about his granddaddys death. I know he must be going through a lot but am I totally wrong in feeling like he should of said something? cause I did really like him so like a plum I actually waited around for him to not be hecticly busy. I want to be there for him even when I guess he clearly doesn't want me to be, any advice on that end in case he does realise he doesn't have to suffer alone?


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  • Most guys are like that. Me too.
    If were suffering some of us prefer to suffer alone because we don't want too feel too much attention at our worst and feel pressured into talking about it.

    But that's just a thought, depending on how close he was to his cousin, a few weeks is a long time without saying anything about it.

    • I sent him a message saying I was here if he needed me. But I don't think he's gonna pay any notice. Is that enough? I feel like he needs space but at the same time I dont want him to do the alone thing.

    • We dont know enough about whats going on at his end to really say much but as long as he knows you still like/love him then those messages would be fine.

      But still... weeks without a word could be considered suspicious. Just be careful what you say because his cousin supposedly died. Best Wishes

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