How to know a guys inetionttion? Im very confused?

Im so confused about this guys intenttion. I can start with telling im very inexperienced and insecure so i dont know how guys act when they want one thing or another.
I did some research about signs a guy likes you, signs a guy wants a relationship, and signs a guy only wants sex, and i shouldn't have done it because now im so unsure.
Things he does that make me think he wants something serious:
- He hold eyecontact a lot
- He asks about my day, and my interests
- he messages me a lot, sometimes just to say hi
- He give compelemnts based on personality and behavior
- He updated me when he went out with his buddies, told me when he arrived the party, told me what he was doing afterwards and i got a message when he came home
- he didn't look once at my boobs (i was wearing a lowcut top and i have big boos) when we were talking
- He told my sister how amazing he thinks i am
- He hasn't tried to kiss me yet
But at one articel about how to find out a guy only wants sex, the holding eyecontac thing was the first sign. Apparantly if a guy only wants sex he will hold a lot of eyecontact because he knows it seductive.
I dont know what to belive.. so am i just overthink everything or does it sound like its possible he only wants sex?


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  • I would say overthinking - Relationship are all about instinct. Only through expierence do you gain confidence in your instinct. Go for it, you may hit it right with first boy and he is totally happy with your pace. Then again he may act like a horny puppy just say " Back off Casanova, have a cold shower ". I honestly think these things can't be learned from books or the internet only through expierence.


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  • It sounds like you haven't known him for that long. Just take things as they come but keep your eye open. some guys are better schemers than others, and some are very upfront. there are different styles of players and users so if you are inexperienced, date guys and evaluate their behaviors while keeping your legs closed. you'll get better at knowing how to read people

    so far this guy doesn't seem like a dickhead, but don't make the mistake of thinking because a guy has manners and seems to treat you well that he's perfect, the one and doesn't have bad intentions. there are smooth suave sneaky guys who can do all that and more and still not give a fuck.

    time reveals all

    • i dont know me well at all... we have dated for a week... but i have read somewhere that if a guy still sticks around after 3 months with no sex he likes you and isn't just after sex... so i just need to wait and see i guess

    • him at all*

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  • He doesn't want your vagina alone.

    • so he wants sex, but he also likes me as a person?

    • Yes.

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