He was chasing me, now he's distant?

Everytime he's around me he's very flirty and shows interest. He's always trying to get my attention. Now he's very distant all off a sudden. Nothing bad happened between us. We never had sex. So I'm at a loss. Why is he running away? I know he cares about me. Very strange feeling, to know someone cares and they vanish.
I should clarify I admittedly unintentionally sent mixed signals at first, but I did show interest as well. When I finally fully reciprocated, he ran. (No I wasn't being clingy or anything)


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  • Guys are very impaitent these days so they won't linger for long (which is dumb because that's not showing a girl they can actually be loyal to them), if they don't get what they want now rather than later they get pissy and move on quickly lol, it's just the way dating is these days, they would rather have someone take them here and now, but it's cheap dating because they didn't earn the right to do someone.


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  • did u ever show him the same love he showed u or did u jus let him chase u... u can't expect a guy to chase u all the time eventually he will get tired of chasing and decide to move on so u should have got with him when he was in to u

  • Woe is you.

    • Thank you for the insightful opinion sir. -_-

    • Is that sarcasm?

    • If you have to ask, it probably is. Lol

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  • Too many mixed signals. He don't want to chase after you and probably is confused about your feelings


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