Would a guy appreciate a shower kit as a gift?

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, he'll be 18, and the only thing he's told me that he wants is a certain brand/scent of lotion and body wash/shampoo.

I thought to add to it to make it a complete gift as a shower kit. I'd get him the lotion, body wash/shampoo, body spray, a flavored chap stick like mint, a loofah (I know he uses em), and a body towel. Maybe a wash cloth too and toe/finger nail clippers. All in a nice box or basket.

I would get things in masculine colors though, probably blue and black. Would a guy appreciate this gift? Anything to add to the kit?


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  • No. Lame sauce.

    • What would be better?

    • apex says go for it. He never lies.

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  • I would, I don`t value gifts on their price


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