Is this passive aggressive behavior?

sometimes the guy i'm seeing agrees with me about some things and says it's fine, but it turns out later on that he actually wasn't fine about it and brings it up again, saying how he hated and didn't like it, and it turns into a big nasty argument and he gets so mad. It always takes me by surprise, why is he doing this?


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  • Maybe he wants not to complain he likes you enough and wants to deal with it and not complain with what you have said he likes you enough to try

    • but i dont want him to do that, i want him to say upfront if he really wants to do it or not. i can't stand him complaining later and all this pretending its ok

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    • Ok then tell him that

    • In a nice way if he really likes you he won't be offended

  • Passive aggressive is more like if something bothers him, he won't say it but he'll express how he really feels through his actions like maybe a cold shoulder, or a slick comment


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