He adored me and now he hates me?

So, I've never really been in a relationship. This boy was the closest I've ever come to having one. We saw each other around and there were times he would pick on me and I would roll my eyes, but I never took full notice to him until recently. So one night on a bus full of kids (we're all in band, and I hate to sound conceited, but I'm the beauty of the band) we sat together and held hands, did all of this flirty nonsense. And it was fantastic! He played with my hair and we talked about our lives and deep, meaningful stuff. Weeks pass, and we find every way to hold hands. There was an empty classroom we went into and we would just sit in two desks holding hands, admiring each other and what not. Neither of us had ever kissed. Over Thanksgiving break, we texted nonstop. We told each other how much we loved each other (but we weren't technically together, and I told him I didn't like anybody except this one guy who left. we talked about marriage and he said "I'd marry someone like you." I told him the same. These were extremely dangerous compliments, I now know.) anyways, when break ended, we went into that classroom and tried to kiss. We even talked about it, how we had both never kissed and I told him I thought he was worthy of my first, and he said the same. But i couldn't kiss him, and i texted him later and said sorry. Not sure why I couldn't. I think I was just being cautious. I sort of regret it now, thinking things would be different. Then Christmas break comes, and the band goes to the movies, except not him, and I hold hands with another guy, who is one of his good friends. I know that's really bad. I justified it as, well, I'm not with him, so its not cheating. But that's stupid, and i know it was a mistake now. I told him about it and he didn't seem mad. A few weeks pass and he has backed off because of the kiss thing but still played with my hand. Then he stopped texting me. And now he's completely rude to me. That all happened gradually, within 3 months


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  • I think he felt hurt cause the kiss didn't happen
    so he is sort of punishing him self over it in one way
    but than another he could be just plain hurt cause
    you rejected his kiss that also means you rejected him
    yes guys can get mean about things but not all guys
    are like him i would think well the time wasn't right


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  • maybe he is made that you either A didn't push it when he didn't have the courage to or B: you held hands with his good friend

  • I'd guess he has given his attention to another girl since you were less than eager to move forward.


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