Is it weird to go every single weekend looking for radio towers 100m+ high, trespass and climb on them without any safety?

i have been doing it alone for a time, helps me with depression. it cooks me up with adrenaline for the rest of the week, so i won't feel that lonely.

what do you think about this behaviour? i dont find it in that way when used safety, so i avoid using them. haven't told anybody about my hobby except friends

any thoughts


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  • A sympton of bi polar is to take risks - What happens when the buzz goes flat , go higher more dangerous only ends one place the morgue - If you are not getting professional help please consider it - Think how your family will feel at your funeral?

    • appreciate your thoughts. so you think i should seek professional help, which leads to thing its weird to do such activity

    • I just speaking from expierence, I have bi polar and had various addictions chasing the buzz. If you want to climb high use safety equipment if it is the risk you are after and you mentioned depression. It could be a sign of an underlying condition. No shame in seeking help.

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  • Well of course it is dangerous. Just a month or 2 ago so guy died in Jackson, Michigan climbing and jumping off a tower (base jumping) when his chute failed. Why he would go up that high when it was below zero degrees is beyond me.

    • i know its dangerous, but is it weird?

      i dont use any parachutes or stuff, i just go upside till i reach the highest, capture some views and then go down as soon as i can. few days ago i got caught by police.

    • Join the army and become a paratrooper if you want thrills.

    • i dont find parachuting exciting, so i guess not

      i have thought about finding this kind of job -, but still i have to learn to be alpinist and engineer, its like to specialities in one. sadly i have none

  • Nope, not at all. Most people do this.


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