I love Steve Harvey's Book "Act Like a Lady, But Think Like A Man" and would recommend both genders reading it.

In the first chapter he states: 3 essential rules of what drives a man: who is his (his title), what he does (how he got that title), and how much he makes (the reward he receives for his efforts).

All three of these items need to be in sync for a man to feel he has fulfilled his destiny of being a man. These 3 resources are what gives the man the ability to be the provider & protector of his family, anything less, and he doesn't feel like a man.

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  • Probably being a man is being able to put all your efforts into something you believe in, taking risks and show compassion. Not really sure what else to say? Like getting married having kids ect?

  • I would say both A & C. I don't ever think about "being a man" and I don't care about being perceived as a "real" one or not. I am who I am, whatever that may be. I don't have any desire to have a family and be a provider and protector. Happiness, pleasure, and comfort is what drives me. I do have a desire to be successful, but only because success can be a significant factor in being happy and comfortable.

    Harvey's approach is a more traditional one. My approach is more contemporary; I'd say there's a trend across western society toward egoism and hedonism (which I think is great).

    • That's not true, You agree entirely with what Steve Harvey said, because you want to be successful & in order to be successful, you're going to have to fulfill all three, who is his (his title), what he does (how he got that title), and how much he makes (the reward he receives for his efforts).

      You're also not going to be able to take care of yourself without being a provider & protector.

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    • You're adding in your own preconceived notions instead of reading it for what it says. Point blank, you're not going to be successful without achieving all 3.

    • That's fine, but who doesn't have a desire for those things if we're interpreting those three concepts in such a broad way?

      And even still, "success", defined in these terms, is not the "essential" thing that drives me.

  • That doesn't fit me. I dont need to feel like a provider or a protecte

  • when i pummel to someone to dust.

  • I always feel like a man.

    • That guy that sold you the book doesn't know what he's talking about... It's cool that he sold you on his bullshit and took your cash though.

What Girls Said 1

  • So basically a woman doesn't exile orcas an ornament to a mans journey.

    • The rest of the chapter explains that no matter how much a woman wants to be with a man he will never fully by committed to her until all 3 items are in alignment. Basically get yourself together before finding a partner otherwise you will not be 100% in the relationship, because you still do not have a handle on who you are.

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