Why would my ex boyfriend be so cruel now 4 months after breakup?

me and my ex broke up 4 months ago, since then i've just been trying to move on and live my life. it was a really rough breakup for me because the relationship was so rocky with many issues, i didn't trust him because of things he did in the past. The breakup was pretty much an awkward phone call with neither one of us officially "breaking it off" but both of us just talking of other subjects, ending the phone call and never talking to each other again, no texts or anything. So recently i heard he's been saying really cruel things of me online on Facebook.. calling me a phony, abusive to him, selfish, narcissist, etc. This has really hurt me because i did so much for him and us for him to say these lies about me. This has hurt me a lot. Why would a grown man in his late thirties do this online? Why would he just end the relationship by never talking to me again after 3 years? Why would he say such horrible things about me online?


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  • sound like you still having feeling for him since you guys never official "broke up".

    Just realize that not everyone on earth will like you, some will hate you for anything you do, right or wrong.

    Stop caring about him, stop caring about what he say, stop caring about what he do, just cut everything.

    The opposite of love is not hate, it indifference. Hate mean you still harbor feeling for that other person, negatively.

    It time to be indifferent about your ex.


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  • I had same problem with my ex and basically it's guilt. He doesn't wanna be responsible for his actions in the past relationship and is trying to make other people think you are no good. But see on thing he has to understand his one day when he dates another good woman like you and trys to play her the same way, she will leave him and spread out how much of a no good guy he is and then what he said about you no one will believe. Just pray for him because he will reap what he sow. Don't contact him asking about why he is doing this, don't post anything about him online just be silent because surely a light will shine on who he really is. If you pay attention how could he talk so bad about you on social media but claim to people you are so bad? Him disrespecting you in front of people on social media reveals who he really is. LOL now you see why I said don't even bother repaying him.


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  • He is an ass. You discovered that before in the relationship, why would he change now? Just let him be an ass and move on. Anyone that knows you knows what he is saying is rubbish.


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  • Hmmm he's clearly bitter, angry, and hurt. This has obviously been occupying space in his mind otherwise he wouldn't put all that energy into voicing those thoughts. Deep down, he's also probably regretting his decision to end things and end them in such a passive aggressive, cowardly way.


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