What was this guy trying to get. Sex?

I met a guitarist on cl he had an ad about putting together a duo for a group. He had a ton of experience and taught music but had a bad situation with the previous female he was working with. We finally met. He seemed legit but not really. Before we met he said you'd enjoy me- I mean musically. Ok red flag. So I thought maybe he wanted both sex and music. Who knows. Then before we left he said he'd be in ga for a few days but back by Tuesday. I thought ok so we can practice after. The way he acted was. Almost as if it was a game or lie.

Then before that he texted acting like what are u doing and told me stories of his family. I said u can come over and he said he'd love to but didn't come. Then he went to ga but texted me days later sayinghe was caught in a snowstorm or his car broke down. Then it was the woes he had to pay this or that. It wasn't a situation event he would only text me once a day. Finally he got back and acted lie he was upset about the money he had to pay. So we met for music but now he goes to ga stuck in snowstorm and that's it. It sounded fake. No mention of any music. Even when he got back he said he'd take me out to dinner if his car was working. Huh. No mention of music.

Then I asked hjm r u interested in music I mean what is going on. His reply was that we picked songs to do and that's it and he said yes but then that's it. So I said again are u interested because I don't know what is going on here. Then he said he had too much going on to give this full attention. I said u didn't give it any attention and I was pissed. He wasted three weeks of my life focused on him and his bs. It seems this is what this loser wanted to do


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  • Drop his ass. Trust your woman intuition. It usually right and filter out all the weirdo.


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