"I'd lose a limb"?

the guy I like and I were talking and he was saying how he would die to save his family even though he doesn't show that he cares very often. I was kind of surprised and he was like yeah. then he said something about that he'd lose a limb in my case. he was like sorry I wouldn't *die* - like that's only for my family haha - but - and I was like lol a limb is good enough. And I asked if he meant it seriously and he was like "pfft yeah" in an "of course" kind of way that he does. and didn't mention any other people that he "cares about."

guys - interpret? is that something you would say to close female friends?
do you think he meant it in a close friends way (we are close friends) or as more?


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  • Don't look so far into it, i would die if it meant saving my family too
    I would also lose a limb for my very close friends
    I think he meant it as a way of saying a care about you too

    • Ok thanks (much nicer way of putting it than anon guy below). as for the original conversation I think he brought it up and was talking about his family and then included me without needing to at all (based on the conversation so far) which is partly why I've been reading into what he said.

    • hmm that could be it, he may have also have not wanted to make you feel left out

    • maybe yeah. he's said stuff like this before (see the links in my response to genericname85)

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  • Sounds like he cares about you.


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  • let him talk... i don´t believe him a word.

  • How did you manage to pull a hidden message out of this one? Obvious AF.

    • Huh?

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    • Nothing. Let's just... You'll be okay.

    • I figured what you meant but didn't want to assume too much of the intelligence of someone who calls me a b$tch twice in a single thread for no good reason.

      The light from my phone has been a useful alarm clock though. Guess it's time to go wake up my brain.

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