Is it okay that boyfriend of several years does that or should I be concerned?

Boyfriend of several years calls only every three to four days. Is that normal? Yet he will tell me that he has spoken with friends, family and/or neighbors more more frequent than he does me. It is aggravating for me and makes me feel that I am not that important to him. I have mentioned it to him in the past but yet nothing has changed. Is it okay that he does that or should I be concerned?


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  • i guess he has nothing to say to you at the moment so he won't bother to call... but that doesn't mean he doesn't love you :-)

    • Thanks for your comment. It just bothers me that he can call others pretty much every day but not someone he is supposed to be in an intimate relationship with. Little frustrating.

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  • One does what one wants to do. He is doing what he wants... That should probably concern you, yes.

  • what about you calling him the other days?

    • Sometimes I do call. It just seems as if it is an inappropriate time. He works out of town and he never says it, but I get the feeling that he is busy with work at that moment. Makes me uncomfortable.

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    • Thanks. Maybe I'll try that.

    • no problemo!!

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