Am I the only one who's afraid of being caught while checking a girl out?

Everyone does it - male and female. You see a girl/guy you find attractive and you start looking him/her over. There's been a time or two for me that I'll peek at a girl's cute butt (trying to be as nonchalant as possible), but have been caught doing it. Other times I'm afraid of being viewed as 'creepy' when caught looking intently at a cute girl's face if she's facing me across the room or wherever and she suddenly spots me "staring". :/ Do girls think we're perverts by checking out their butts, etc? Or is it viewed positively?

Tell me I'm not the only one? Help me out here...


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  • You can look, don't start eyefucking us.


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  • I don't hide it, HELL I WANT THEM to see me since that's the best part about it IMHO. So that I can flirt with them after they've said something close to saying "what are you looking at" while rolling their eyes at me (#^ ^#). I quickly follow up with this "Something that I like" while smiling at them. I just let whatever happens after that, happen ^^.

    If I'm checking her out, IMMA MAKE SURE SHE's the 1st one to know it LOLOLOL ^^ SO nope I don't care/get scared at all

    • I see. Well to me that approach isn't met with much acceptance amongst many women.

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    • Hmm I don't approach girls to be honest at least not in that way. I usually just make friends with her 1st and take it from there. I also never compliment Women IRL LOL. SO I don't know how it would play out but I'm sure they would Say "thanks you have ____ to" and probably flirt with me ^^.

      I never introduce myself to anybody besides in trade school back then. I'm the type of guy that gets to know you over time naturally... I kinda just let things happen ya know ^^

    • I'm fucking weird and I don't go along with the traditional rules or traditions, in general. When it comes to these types of things, I'm more upfront and honest than trying to play games with a girl LOLOL

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  • It's something almost all of us do. Just try not to make it too obvious when staring.

  • You're not the only one. This is common.


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  • It happens just try try not to make it to obvious.


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