Why would he say that?

This past, Thursday I overheard the guy I like telling a few people that I am very hard to understand , someone at his table brung me into the conversation and that's when he brought up how I'm hard to understand & people said they don t think I am but he said "well to me it s very difficult for me to understand her " What does he mean? I try not to act weird around him, I am myself.


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  • If he asks you questions that you don't answer or give vague responses to then it creates even more questions. But then again there isn't enough detail to this to give a clear answer


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  • Maybe he means it emotionally? Do you show him signs that you like him?

    • I try to lol, he always thinks 'I'm playing with him'

    • Then maybe he likes you back and is saying that you are hard to understand emotionally. Aka. He's having a hard time figuring out if you like him

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