It is ok to go out with a guy even you are in a relationship?

Well, i asked my bf if it is ok that i go out with another guy. And he answer me like yes, but you need to put the limits. And i just though thats not ok, so he must do the same to me, if he thinks like that


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  • it depends on the guy. But i know that girls that can have friends that are other guys. It could mean that he has a high level of trust for you


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  • Go out as in?
    Lol if it's friends then I think yes...
    Me and my ex had agreed that we weren't allowed to have friends of the opposite sex (with a few exceptions) since we were both extremely jealous but I know of other couples that hang alone with mutual /own opposite sex friends. It's really up to you guys and what you guys compromise on..
    I wouldn't like it though (>_<)


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