Do you only have fwbs with people you might date, if you wanted to be in a relationship?

If you do or you don't, why?


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  • HELL NO. Agreeing to be a f*ck buddy is relationship suicide. Not only that, but I have worked damn hard to be a top notch, high quality, damn good human being and woman so I deserve more than just a d*ck -_- I deserve more from a man than what he can do with his cock or what set of bedroom skills he comes with. I deserve his heart and I won't settle for anything less.
    Plus, it just feels sleazy sexually gratifying a guy who doesn't take me seriously at the end of the day and is essentially taking advantage of some willingness to be undervalued for my brain and heart yet overvalued for my vagina, anus, and oral sex skills. Doesn't sit well with my soul.

    • The question was valid only if you were into fwbs

    • @Asker Maybe you should have stated that before people started answering. -_-

    • I've noticed a lot of people who will use friends with benefits as an introduction to dating or a relationship probably because they lack the confidence to hold that persons attention (or members of the opposite sex in general) without getting their genital involved. It's kind of sad like they don't know how to solidify a romantic connection without spreading their legs or giving oral sex or stuffing their d*ck in a girl's pussy

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  • i wouldn't becuse being fwbs is usually when one of the two or both don't want to commit. so why start something that won't end up in a relationship.. and usually one ends up falling and the other one uses them and its a bunch of crap in the end. i would know lol


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