How to know what to do with a guy?

Hey how do you know if a guy is into you and what are the signs can anyone please help me out


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  • well for one, staring, a lot of staring, then a lot of talking, a lot of interaction in general mixed with happy thoughts and enthusiasm.

    • Ok what about banter? Like happy fun banter and this guy I know is always messing about with me as well is that telling me he is into me

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    • Flirting now I have no idea what to do and I normally see him every Thursday and see him on the weekends as well

    • well when you do see him spark conversation every time and show your enthusiasm with your words and actions, be happy around him. and make reasons to touch him on the arm or back or something. then steer the conversation towards the weekends and possibly meeting up to do something once you have figured him out a bit more.

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