Why does he blame me for everything?

So every time we go somehwere and his sister is around I don't feel like driving because I go visit him from far anyways so when he tells me to drive I say no. His sister doesn't have a license and he wants to drink so he gets so mad when I say no and make her drive but don't forget that she doesn't care to drive if she did she wouldn't be driving asking to use his car all the time to go see people while texting and smoking. Am I wrong for not caring and not making it my problem since she doesn't seem to care about her license anyways. She doesn't save to get it back nor does she seem to care because she's always asking him to use his Car.


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  • The guy is an idiot. I suggest you move on and dump him. I can see he is just using you for a car. someone to take him and his sister all over the place. This is typical sign of a user. Your quiet correct it's your problem, neither of them have driving licenses.

    • Its not your problem. Its your car, your license. Its not for him to take advantage of it. The guy is just a simple and plain user. Do yourself a favour, and find someone else. and someone the respects you.

    • My bf does have a license using his car but when he wants to drink he wants me to drive cause of her mistake

    • tell him to get lost. I still suggest, dump him. He obviously doesn't respect you.

  • Because he can.


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  • Sure you're right, the girl doesn't care. But he's probably upset because you don't care for her like he does.
    Maybe just try for his sake because he's worried but still wants to have a good time.

    • Well Shea done some stuff for me to cut her out so I don't care but why should I care for her license when she doesn't even care about it

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    • Then if it really bothers you, pull him aside and talk to him about it. Hell let you know what's reay going on.
      If not, don't worry about it.
      If he blames you for everything including this... He might be narcissistic and Id look into it. Good luck

    • I have told him plenty of times he says that I should just be curtious which u am when its just me and him I'll drive but thbanks

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