How do you refer to your female friends?

My guy friend and I have a complicated friendship. In the beginning lots of flirting and physical contact. I questioned what we are. Of course any flirting was denied by him. And we are just friends. Ok. I respect that. Well. He sexted me. Thought we were just friends.

We were having a conversation and he made a comment about the girlfriend... I said what to see if I heard him correctly. He said I mean my friend whose a girl.

He told me he's single. And that he has a best friend whose like a sister to him who lives outta state.

What are the chances he calls her his "girlfriend" but isn't actually.


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  • I'd just refere to them as my friend. Generally when I hear the words "like a sister to him" or anything like that there are a few red flags

    • Thank you. I'm only now realizing I'm on a path to nowhere with him and that our friendship most likely won't survive since he's very back and forth with me.

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  • Near zero chance that he didn't mean GIRLFRIEND... Now you know he lies to you!

  • ''Thought we were just friends'' another naive girl who believe in friendship between males and females.

    • I've never had a friendship with a male who crossed lines like him. It's always been either friends or more. none of this back and forth in between.

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