How to confront the issue of someone dying from the same disease I have, because I believe it is worrying my boyfriend? Hit too close to home?

Any time my boyfriend does something wrong, or feels bad I can tell. He cannot hid his emotions well, at all!

He was acting very affectionate and kept touching me. I kept asking why he was acting strange. He said that it was all in my head. Later that night after he had dropped me off, he would text me, but if I waited to reply or something, he'd send me multiple text. My boyfriend seemed impatient. So we went to go see a movie. He showed up a lot earlier, so we just sat and talked.

He told me he felt he was taken me for granted and that he really loves me. Later the next day, he is telling me about someone with a small role, that people didn't realized had passed away. She was very young and passed away from the same disease that I have. He seemed really upset about it and brought it up again. From that I know he was thinking about me. I know he is hurting, but I'm not sure how to confront the issue.


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  • Just sit him down, and tell him, "Don't worry, baby everything is going to be alright." Yes, it's from the Beach Boy song; however, it will work. There's not much that you can do. You need to tell him he needs to man up; he's wasting hours by worrying. Reassure him that he is a great boyfriend, and there's nothing else that he needs to do.

  • Looks like the guy wants to get his last fuck out of you. J/K

    Look, I have friends, who died in their late teens, early 20's, and late 20's. Where was there shot in life? People die working day to day. Everyone dies in the end. A lot of people would love to have the same disease as you, so they can leave there misery behind.

    Live only for tonight! Cheers!


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