Guys, do you do such things with a reason? Do you think me might like me?

My crush always wants to steal my phone from me just so he could check my pictures and musics stored there. He knows I will furiously flail and try to get it back from him, but as far as I can tell he enjoys whenever I try to mount him while pursuing my phone back.

Also, last time we hugged, I purposefully didn't lean close to him to see whether he will pull me close or just wraps his arms around me without anything. In the end, he pulled me in close, and held me there rather strongly. Not painfully, but not loosely either. (He hardly ever hugs anyone by the way, strictly those only who he likes.) He mostly puts his hands on the small of my back.

Today he told me I was like his grandmother, because I have the same habit as she does. (He loves his grandparents.) He also loves that I always smile.

Our common friend, a girl, knows I like him and she told me that when my crush was talking to one of his friends, the guy asked him if there was something going on between the two of us and my crush didn't protest or anything. (I have no clue if he gave any kind of answer at all.) And this girl also told me that what is going on between him and I is something entirely different, because he treats the two of us differently from others (as actual friends), but she took notice that my connection with him is also different from that of hers and his.

I also got to know that he said he pitied I couldn't go to a concert to which he asked me to join him and our common friend.

A lot of people in our environment think that we are either together or will be together. I was asked three times about it, and my mother has a picture of us in her phone (it was taken on my senior ball, where he was my dance partner), and whoever saw it asked my mother if he and I were a couple. Our common friend also told me that he's holding me in that picture as though I was a valuable vase that he doesn't want to break under any circumstances.

So what do you think? Does he like me more than a friend?


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  • Of course he does. Go for it!


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