He is married and flirts with me But keep my distance because he is married. unhappy marriage or just looking for something on the side?

Well he complimented my legs strange for a married man to give a compliment like that but I tried not to over react. Well he asked a friend of mine where I sit and she told him 😑. I told her I didn't want him to know because he is married. No Bueno. Well he comes up to my desk and makes small talk and when he has to go back to work he tweaked my knee and said "take care of my legs ok". I must have made a face because he asked me about it later and I said well you are married and that isn't right. He then says you know if I wasn't married I would be asking you out. Sound like he has done this before possibly and is he trying to press his boundaries?
He has at least respected the boundary I set but he continues to flirt. I just done want him to think more is possible because it isn't.


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  • We all do innocent flirting but he is a little forward if u ask me. I would compliment girls/colleagues and it all depends how close I am to them; but he comes off as more than just flirty.


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  • Sounds like his wife isn't making him feel sexy anymore. He obviously still loves her because he's still married to her... Hmm
    Guys don't usually get compliments so they tend to get flirtatious and take a woman wanting to have sex with him as a compliment that he's still desirable. Really puts him in an awkward position as a married man. Maybe his wife doesn't have time for him? I hope he figures it out.

    Maybe enjoy his compliments and genuinely dish them back or surprise him randomly with compliments, but don't go to bed with him. He is married and I assume you don't want to be a home wrecker and don't want to put him in a worst position where he goes behind his wife's back. Set a boundary between you but a simple compliment shouldn't hurt (: good luck


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  • you sound like a home wrecker. His next free fuck.


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  • It does sound like he could very well be pressing boundaries. I work in a male-dominated industry and these things do happen. I am speaking from experience. If it makes you uncomfortable, I would simply ask him to go into a conference room (perhaps with another coworker that you trust) and tell him that his behaviour makes you uncomfortable, that it needs to stop or you will go and take the next step reporting to HR or whatever may be the case.

  • He wants a side chick.
    Now it's up to you to decide if you're gonna be dumb enough to give him that.


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