My friends with benefits likes me?

I have a friends with benefits of 9 months. And we were talking (you may have read this in another post) and he said he liked his beer gross and salty. I thought it would make for a great sexual joke so I replied with "you know.. I'm kinda gross and salty". Then he replied, "You know something... You're right." My question, do you think he took it as a sexual joke, or do you think he was implying that he likes me? I meant it sexually, and I think he got the joke. But I don't know, sometimes I think differently so your opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • It was obviously a sexual joke.
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  • Maybe he likes you.
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  • I would think it strange to have a friends with benefits without there being some level of affection, so I wouldn't read too much into him liking you.


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  • 9 fuckin' months, that don't sound like no friend lol.


What Girls Said 2

  • It was a joke. You like him and you're desperately trying very hard to convince yourself that he likes you too.

    • plus there's nothing sexy or charming about calling yourself "gross and salty" wtf lol

  • Sexual response


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