Guys, would you fight for your friendship with a your best girl friend?

Or is this more of a "I'd only fight for a girl if it's a relationship worth fighting for" sort of thing?

I have a male best friend and not to get into too much detail but he basically would do anything to save our friendship. He tells me all the time how dedicated he is to keeping this friendship alive as the last thing he wants is to lose me.

Yea okay I know it sounds something only a guy would say to his girlfriend but he texted me recently saying "I have no romantic interest or feelings for you" and although I sense a bit of uncertainty, I'll take his word for it until proven otherwise.

So guys, would you fight for a friendship with your girl best friend?


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  • Yes. I'm lying.

    • Oh no what ever will I do about a anon lying to me.

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    • It's in reference inspired by a situation I am in, but there's nothing specifically that should be upsetting in the question itself. I just want to know do guys only fight for relationships or both relationship and friendships. Can someone be curious for an answer without it ending in tears? :S

    • I suppose... that is reasonable. :/

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