Why did he ignore my existence and then add me to Facebook?

Hey, guys
I realize this isn't an important, life-solving question that needs answering--but it's been bothering me, so I'm going to ask it anyway!
There's this guy I met a few years back through some mutual friends. We were always very flirtatious and friendly with each other, but weren't necessarily friends by any means. We were Facebook friends at some point.
However, a couple months passed since I'd seen him and I ran into him at the mall where he works--and he completely ignored me. He chatted with my friend standing directly beside me, but didn't even say hello to me--didn't even look at me. Keep in mind we are in our mid-20's. This happened several times over the course of a few weeks. I then discovered he'd also removed me on Facebook.
Fast-forward a couple of months and I receive a Facebook friend request from him, accompanied by a nice little message asking how I'm doing and how my life is.

Why do men ignore you one second and then turn around and reach out to you the next?
What is the reason for it?


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  • ever thought about he changed his mind basically? ;-)

    • Changed his mind about what, though? When we were buddy-buddy, I was dating a friend of a friend of his--when me and the boyfriend broke up, that's when this guy started to be kind of a douche.
      And now he's back to talking to me again? I guess I just don't understand lol changed his mind about what?

  • Because that's vengeance. Ignore a bitch. Add her to FB to confuse her. ... Fuck her later.

    • Vengeance? Vengeance for what? I didn't do anything to this guy lol

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