Do guys dislike rich girls?

Because they assume she's spoiled.

I was once sitting with this guy and he wasn't talking to me much, he was just staring at my uneaten pizza in a blatantly obvious way while talking to my friend.

Did he hate me or something
I think he was judging me for wasting it, he was just staring at the uneaten pizza while everyone was munching away on their pizza it made me so uncomfortable


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  • Hey may have been more interested in your friend than in you. I don't know that guys dislike rich girls, heck, most guys wouldn't know you were rich unless you flaunted it.

    He may have been hungry and that was why he was staring at your pizza.

    My only problem with rich girls is more often than not they are snobby witches with a capital B. I don't like bitchy girls, nor do most guys, regardless of how much money they do or don't have.

    • Okay this is going to sound really weird, but I was so surprised this may actually be true.

      I looked good that day, but maybe he just connected with her more because I come across as a little snooty.

      He was the first one to wish her for something... I wonder if he does like her

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  • give me nine hundred dollars and I'll tell you


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  • You're not supplying enough background information.

    From what you've written I would guess that he was just zoning out.

    • or he was just REALLY hungry

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    • No I barely even know him, I think I remembered this example because a lot of people judge me for wasting food.

      It makes me feel like a spoiled little brat :(

      But in reality dietary restrictions of mine are so unique I often have to waste food in front of everyone it's so embarrassing

    • Then don't order anything. Besides, why would you order something you can't eat? We all know what the ingredients of pizza are. You should have gone with a salad or something

  • Could have been totally unintentional - I am afraid that males don't have the skill set to understand that every word, gesture, action means something and insist on doing the first thing that comes into our head.

  • Everything you ever needed to know about romance/sexual behavior was revealed in Cinderella.

    So, no. Men don't like rich girls. They like Cinderella. At least Prince Charming does. The stepmother and stepsisters were rich girls, and just look where they ended up.

    • I'm Cinderella, but I'm rich.

      lol what am I supposed to do about that exactly? I'm not even taht rich, just borderline rich

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    • Next time, just ask yourself one question: "Would Cinderella waste all that food?"

    • lol :P okay, I'll keep that in mind for next time

  • Nope I don't care abut them because In the end I'm poor and their rich.

    As long as they don't think that they are better than me just because they have more money they're cool in my books ^^.

    • Did this guy hate me or something? :(

    • Depends on what you were doing, did he know you, DOES HE HAVE A LEGIT REASON TO HATE YOU? etc

  • I think in general. people are bothered with people having different values. I think rich people tend not to consider frugality and resourcefulness as important values in life. Some consider these to be in the top 5, along with happiness and family-related responsibilities. For a lot of people, choosing the cheaper option and making the most of it is part of being financially responsible, so much so that it has moral significance. I think having similar values is (almost) a requirement to having a lasting relationship, because arguments can start over the silliest things.

  • I lold so hard

  • I like money.


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