Why does he ignore me sometimes but still stare at me during practice and today he bumped into a little in the hall at school?

Exactly what I asked above:PPP


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  • I'd guess he's crushing on you but is too nervous to interact with you. Or maybe he has a crush on you but doesn't like you enough to do anything about it (trust me, it can happen). Either way, he most likely has a crush on you. Do what you want with that information.


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  • A fine example of subtle flirting.

    • I personally don't think that's intentional flirting. Maybe I'm just not clever enough to do that.

    • You're not clever enough. One does not simply just stare at someone and then bump into them in the hallway.

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  • could be shy... If you are interested talk to him a few times. maybe bump into him on purpose. you learn a lot more that way.


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