What am I not seeing? I say come over he instantly backs off and doesn't text back.

I've had a crush on him for 2 years now and we finally started talking Seriously. It's been 2 months now and he's always coming over to my house, the minute he walks through the door he pulls me in for a hug and kisses my forehead. He wants to cuddle, hold me and joke around. Every morning he would text me before he went to work. He would take time out his day to ask how my day was. i didn't know but he's been telling his family that im his gf and they were happy , he had made a comment saying how he was going to help his gf even if I didn't want it (I was cooking). I was confused and asked him when we started dating, and said I'm not his gf technically bc he didn't ask... He just said (whatever you say my not girlfriend) we went right back to normal. Recently tho for about 2 weeks, he hasn't texted me in the mornings. He doesn't text me at all during the day. I've only gotten 2 texts. Both saying he got home and fell asleep. He says he wants to see me but when I say come over he instantly backs off and doesn't text back. I tell him I'm here for him and if he needs anything just to ask. I've been stressing out over this so bad. Any ideas or advice?


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  • Why didn't he grow some balls and just ask you to be his gf, officially?

    • I've brought it up and said I'd be more than happy to be his girlfriend but he just kinda blows it off I guess because he doesn't ask.

    • Yeah, I don't know what his problem is.

      He can't have the cake yet if he didn't buy the cake. So tell him to pull out his money and pay it, he can't have it for free.


    • I had to read that twice to get it but yeah I completely agree. Now just to get him to answer my texts.

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  • This sounds really complicated and I think the only way to get to the bottom of it is just ask. Normally I have advice for this situation I really think you should just confront him in a nice way


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  • His cheating heart!

    • That's one of the biggest possibilities that's been popping up but I have no proof so I don't wanna assume. :/

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