I thought we were all good but he won't respond to my text?

This sounds trivial, I know. But let me explain and then give me answers.

I thought this guy liked me. I kissed him, he seemed to react positive (other than a shocked expression). All is good. I have a messenger app that tells when someone was last on it and if they have seen your texts. I don't mind if he is on vacation or anything but I noticed he has been online multiple times and yet hasn't seen my text (It was only one text, nothing bad). I will not text him again but do you think he is avoiding reading it or am I overreacting?

Do be nice. I am not allowing anonymous for personal reasons.
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Well this brings me down.


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  • He may be confused of his feelings for you or he is maybe he acting cool and hard to get because he feels flattered and important... you should ask him in person why he is ignoring your text (be slighly serious when you talk to him about this). Good Luck! :)

    • But he isn't the hard to get type.

    • then he is probably confused and avoiding you until he clearly knows how he feels about you... if you are really curious about what is going through his mind then talk to him, ask him what he thinks about it and apoligize IF needed etc... its better to face the situation rather than thinking about it by yourself all day long.
      Good Luck! ;)

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