Is he interested in more than friendship?

I'm 19 and I met a 25 year old guy in a bar. He asked for my number a little over a week ago and we talked every day.

He told me a lot about his past, I told him a bit about mine. We discussed hobbies, family- that sort of thing.

Then the conversation started to get a bit flirty. He tells me I'm cute and he's glad he asked for my number. I told him I really liked talking to him. He quite often blames things on me in a teasing sort of way. Like his car broke down so he was late for work and he called me later to tell me jokingly how it was my fault. Or he'll say my name and I'll ask him what he wants and he says he just likes the way my name sounds.

Generally he initiated the conversations but occasionally I'd message him first so he knew I was interested.

Eventually he asked me out for drinks, said he'd arrange a date and time later on in the week.

Now it's been 2 days and he hasn't messaged me. Our last conversation was a bit flirty like it usually is. He's even called me a few times since we started talking- we don't only text.
But now I'm not sure if he's lost interest.

I know 2 days isn't long, and I dont expect him to text everyday. It's just I can't tell if he's actually interested in me or not.


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  • Well he was interested and probably still is, unless another girl caught his eye.

  • He is not.


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