My boyfriend, who used to have polyamorous relationships, wants me to get out there and experience other men?

I got out of a 10 year relationship last year, and started a relationship with this man (38) 4 months ago. He used to have polyamorous relationships but became more monogamous as he got older. He and his last longterm relationship did three-somes a few times but that was it. He says he doesn't want another g/f. But he said he sees me as a divorced woman and told me he wonders if I really had the chance to experience what's out there like he did 5 years ago. He says he doesn't want me to have any regrets and thinks it would be really good for me to experience what it's like to date and sleep with different guys and that he'd happily continue seeing me. He said he gets turned on by the idea of me being sexual and doesn't find me boring in bed at all (I asked). He said he wouldn't find it weird because he's very happy with and confident in our relationship. But I wonder if he's really ok with it because we attend meet-up events and he fishes for information on how I feel about any guys I talk to. He says things like, "You are very sexy, no wonder I overheard John say he would leave his wife for you." Then, "Did you notice how he always gravitates you at events?" "He wants you to touch his little John." Or "Your roomate had mentioned how you, him and your other roomate often lay together in his bed" (I had told him that my female roomate lays with my roomate, cuddle, etc like they're dating. He sees my roomate at social events) When I said I might try pot with my rooomate, he said,"Want me to join you so it's not just you and him?" When I told him how happy I was that my male friend went out of his way to help me out with a game, he kept bringing it up. Told me I seemed awfully excited about it. Made comments like,"Oh I'm sure he'd love to help you in other ways ;) " I told him I have no interest in these men. What does this behavior mean, you think?


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