My best guy friend is in love with my best girl friend?

My friend who's a guy has been in love with my best friend who is a girl, he has been for the past 3 years. She doesn't like him back and me and her fight a lot and I want him to be happy more than I want her to be. She led him on once and they have a really weird complicated relationship where they won't text or talk for a long time. I try to help him and I tell him what she says about him sometimes and what she said about the times they used to be together. He is depressed and has episodes sometimes because of her and I just want to help him and be there for him cause he has always been there for me. Because her, he changed because he used to be sweet and fun and really nice and we would talk forever and he was the best guy in my grade, but now he is mean, sometimes talks about me, is more like the mean asses that are in my grade and we fight a few times even though we never would fight in the past 7 months and I feel like I owe him for everything he has done for me and I can't just give up and not be friends with him. So I was wondering how I can distract him from her, how I can make him forget about her and have fun, and how I can make him change back to what he used to be.
Please I would love to get any guys' or girls' opinion on this. I dont know what I should do with any of this anymore.


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  • I have read the title only , you must say him

    • I did, I said she doesn't live him back

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    • doesn't he believe you?

    • @MrSlant he does believe me but he gets bothered about it but he says he can't stop loving her even if he tries and does really everything in his power to.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm in this crap too ATM it sucks ass. If she don't like him he needs to get over it. Are you in love with him? ...

    • no, not at all! Like I've had my own boyfriend problems and he has been there for me for so long and he is hot and all but no im not. He was just my best friend for a really long time and we went through a lot of things together but no Im not.

    • And I just feel like he deserves happiness and that I owe him for all the things he has dome for me.

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