Can I trust him?

He's the typical 'sly' business tycoon type of person.

But every single time he does something consistent with his character, I notice this intense guilt on his face.

Someone told me the reason he's quiet is because he knows he's wrong, but he does those things anyways.

What am I supposed to make of it?

It somehow frustrates me more that he does those things and later on feels bad, I mean you may as well do those things and NOT feel bad
For some reason I always feel on the verge of tears when I think about him...
He keeps choosing to associate with his snooty friends, and sometimes I notice guilt when he turns his back on me, it's so strong I always have to look away.

It's funny he feels bad, when he has a choice not to do that.


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  • hmmmm i guess not the suitable type of guy in my opinion :

    "He keeps choosing to associate with his snooty friends, "

    a big disadvantage!

  • Hm. A lot is missing.


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