Does he like me or is he just playing around?

He's very manipulative and i know that. and i know he might be manipulating me, but the thing is that i always ignore him and always stay away from him i even became rude to him, but after a while he would talk to me normally as if i am a friend. it increased a lot lately. Is he trying to fool me? or should i give him a chance?
By the way when i first met him he talked to me as an old friend for few days then he ignored me and then would talk to me again. he did it two times and the third time i ignored him and was rude to him. he stopped and now he is back again. he started to flirt with me a little i guess and i think he is in an on and off relationship with this girl.
is he doing this to make his GF jealous? He's the one who always starts the conversation and the last time he did it i was nice and talked back normally and politely to him and sort of flirted back but i didn't really show him that i was interested


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  • I would probably stay away from him if I were you. Trust your gut, it tells you right from wrong. If something doesn't feel right you'll know it. And if you don't want to get your feelings hurt or get played I would consider staying away from him. If you don't want to get your hopes up I would definitely consider it.

    • i don't even like him. he keeps coming back, and i do trust my guts and they tell me he's not a good person.

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    • yes. but you know what i am interested in? i am interested in analyzing him psychologically. i feel like he might have some issues.

    • feeling bad for him soothes up my hate for him, so i feel bad for him and it sort of makes me act out of pity for him

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  • I actually had the same question until I came across this question: https://www. girlsaskguys. com/relationships/ p1365201-how- can-i-possibily-explain- why-i-ignored-her-so-long , please take out the spaces. I hope it can help you for a bit.

    • i wasn't able to find a link even after i took out the spaces

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    • Yeah , that was actually what I was talking about haha. I know you didn't text each other but the idea is a bit of the same. All I want you to know is that you are better than being just an 'option'. I know the feeling you are going through but you are far more worth than this! Stay strong , and if you need any support don't feel afraid to ask me!

    • thank you! i am strong and this is why i think he wants to control me. he wants my attention so he can hurt me. i don't want that. i get a bit creeped out as well when he smiles at me like i am his best friend

  • You should trust ur gut feeling, most of the time its right

    • well my guts and feelings and brain know he is playing and manipulating but somehow i am starting to believe that he might actually be interested. what do you think

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    • we are not close friends. and manipulative people are not honest.

    • well you said it urslef, you think he is manipulative, and if you dont like him then it should matter to much to you either

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