How to build a defense?

Against my heartless ex. He's so manipulative. He tried to make it sound and look like he's better and happier without me. He plays games with me. Sometimes i believe him and i don't know why. I do all the right things to take care of myself but im still vulnerable and even if I'm strong when i see him he feeds off of whatever positive energy i built up for myself and drains it. Then i end up driving away crying. While he yells mean shit breaking me back down. He says it's his nature, but if that were the case then i might not have fallen in love.


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  • just pretend to date a hot guy... smhow bring it to his attention...
    that would probabably set his ass and his games on fire...

    as far as ur defenses... when ever your heart tend to fill up with emotions for him... just think about all the shit that he gave u (if any) and you hated it.
    worked for me.


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  • Step 1: Clash of Clans
    Step 2: Dragons and Fairies
    Step 3: Raise funds
    Step 4: Crystal Walls

    • Brilliant.
      I was thinking something similar but you beat me to it. I applaud you, sir

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