Do guys test girls?

I've been talking to this guy lately. I'd like to think we clicked, he asked me what I wanted in a guy and he told me what I wanted in a girl, we text for hours and we get along good. Yet, yesterday I got a text on my social media from a guy who I swear sounds exactly like him and says the same words. His profile details match his origin description too. The message said "How's the dude fishing?" I know for a fact it's him but Why would he do this and try to trick me? By the way I did not reply to the message at all.


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  • Testing the waters.


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  • Kind of but I have never in the manner you referred too... I like to "test" girls by doing outdoor dates/activities, if she can get along with my friends, and at some point take her to eat ribs. If she is not embarrassed and uses her hands to eat (as ribs are supposed to be) then she is a keeper :S

    • Why test though?

    • Not really a test I guess, just things to get to know her personality better. I want to see her as herself and I want to see what she enjoys. As far as friends I mean I like a girl that can hold her own in a crowd or party and doesn't need me their holding her hand the whole time. Hope that makes sense...

  • Sounds weird to me - Don't see the purpose of "test".

    • I don't see it either. Can this be due to insecurity?

    • I honestly don't know multiple profiles totally confuse me. If you are having a proper conversation you should be just yourself.

  • I hope that the majority of guys wouldn't do this. Sounds pretty creepy if you ask me


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