He is 22 and im 36 I'm confused by this guy I work with, does he really like me or just wants sex?

There is this guy I work I'm confused by the way he acts around me. At first we flirted a lot, there was definitely chemistry between us we even have the same birthday date but 15year gap. He looks at me all the time, tries to touch me every opportunity, he gave me a lift home about 3 months ago he asked for a cuddle the a kiss which I did. Weeks went on without mentioning the kiss and he became horrible towards me, mocking me, mocking my laugh when I'm laughing with other guy work colleagues but still he always watches me. Then a few weeks ago he mentioned the kiss I just laughed and said "oh that I've forgotten about that" he asked if I still had his number, I said "no I deleted it". He went all weird on me for weeks making fun of my height, mocking me but still I could see him looking at me and still coming up close. We kinda started to talk ok and then last weekend he asked me in work if I wanted to go to the hospital with him, I said "no" but then later I messaged him and asked how he got on. He then asked what I was doing then it went on to be flirty messages. He said we could meet up for a cuddle and more than just kissing as it would be fun, so I sent a winking face and I've not said anything since. Today he called work and was so abrupt with me then said I'm not giving you my number again. Anyway im confused by the way he acts, does this guy really like me or what? Or is he just wanting to get the older woman into bed. Im actually attracted to him but I hate his childish nonsense. I've told him I don't play games it's either a yes or a no. Can anyone help and tell me maybe what could be going through this guy's head cos I'm all confused.


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  • Sounds as if he may have some sort of bet going with the young guys at work to see if he can get you in bed.

    In any case, he's certainly not serious, just having fun!

    • He called my ex who I recently split up before we kissed and told him that I was playing hard to get and that I will soon be his. When I bumped into him last week he was so nice to me that's why I'm all confused and getting mixed signals. I too ain't wanting anything serious but just don't want to be made a fool out of. The other guys have noticed him following me and he ain't told them about our kiss. Nah think I'm going to avoid him, thanks for your advice 😃

    • Clearly just having a good time playing with the older girl. I find it hard to believe he hasn't told anyone about the kiss, but he might feel that telling that would scotch his chances of getting you in bed.

      In any case, the rumor mill about you two is really going strong, right?

    • I've been told I don't look my age he didn't believe me when he found out. The other guys say he really likes me but I don't believe them. I've even thought maybe he is unsure about the age difference and doesn't want rejection. He asked me once if I thought he was cute, I said "no" his face dropped. He is cute but nah im avoiding

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  • He is too young, it won't work out.

    • Agreed he sounds very immature.

    • I'm not into playing mind games and he does act like a wee boy. Thanks for your advice I'm avoiding this one 😃

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  • He really, really likes sex.


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