Is this a message most guys wouldn't respond to?

Okay so today I sent him a message that said:
Hey, I hardly ever keep snapchat on my phone so if you want or need to you can text me some time at my number here 😊
Well he never responded but he did open it pretty quickly after it was sent?


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  • Yes you are more safe with regular texting
    that Snapchat is getting bad name now
    cause of it's being abused by users but
    i agree if he cares he should text you but
    as much as i hate say it some of them guys
    are obsessed with that Snapchat if they only
    knew how much that can be unhealthy to chat on

    • But he never replied? I sent him my cell he could've said ok or something I mean is it a guy thing

    • Yes , i agree he could of respond that's why i say
      maybe he's not telling you how wrapped up he is
      with that phone app course maybe not but yes
      he should of said something :/

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  • It looks like a commercial or an automatic mesaage. So its normal that he did not respond

    • Lolol I mean we've chatted before on there he responds some and some he doesn't so.. Is it just a guy thing? Lol and he knows I like him my friend told him and like he flirts with me...

    • I can understand you trust me... I'd been snapchatting with a guy from summer and then I'd realised that he texts or snaps me whenever he wants. I think he stopped. Its so annoying

    • Ikr!! Like we only talk about Church stuff lol, and it's killing me! I'm guessing it's a guy thing 😂

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