Did he play me?

I have been talking to this guy for a while and we've been good friends. Well things started to heat up when we started snapchatting. He has never had feelings for me. But I trusted him and sent him an explicit picture of me. He sent me some stuff and I sent him more. I was confused because we're just friends and friends dont do this. So I texted him. Long story short he thinks we should stop talking and he said that everything he said before he was just kidding. So basically he just got my pictures and now he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.
It was snapchat so there was no screen shots. He has none on his phone


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  • uh oh... im afraid he's not gona use them in a good way.

    do you still have his pics so you can "threat" him somehow that if he uses yours, then you'll use his?

    • It was snapchat. neither of us took any screen shots. So both of us have nothing

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  • He used you he just wanted to masturbate, a quicke. He said he has no feelings he meant it. Guys say anything to get in ur pants. Thats why you mary b4 you expose your body to any man


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  • congrats your picture will be used as an announcement in p*rn sites

    • Its snapchat. He didn't take any screen shots. I would know

  • so you sexted him and now he just doesn't care? sry making sure I get the story right.

    • Yeah

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    • so he didn't take a screenshot? it would notify you if he did unless he uses a third party program and can see them over and over. otherwise, as long as he doesn't have them you dont have anything to worry about.

    • I've heard about the third party apps and snapchat will lock the user out of their account if they use it.

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