What does it mean when a group of guys stare at a girl?

I don't like walking alone at higschool because that's usually when guys stare at me or call out to me. That's why I prefer to pretend I'm looking at my phone. I don't know why, but when I'm with other people, guys rarely look at me.

Last time, I was coming to my highschool and a lot of people were standing in front of the school as usual. But there was this group of guys talking. One of them turned around quickly twice to look at me, and I clearly felt the others looked a little too. Then when I passed them, they start walking the other way and one of them (other one) stared at me, I looked away, but when I looked back he looked too, and in an intense way.

That was weird. I can't figure why they do this


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  • either A: they are talking about how pretty you are or B: there is a rumor.


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  • It sounds like they find you very pretty and they're talking about it.
    But it is high school, there could be a rumor going around about you. I'm hoping it's just that they find you pretty.


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  • They probably find you really attractive.

    • Really? But why when I'm with my friends (often only girls) they don't look? (they don't lool at my friends either)

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