Guys would u ignore ur gf or come over?

I'm sick with a common cold ( in the non contagious stage now) , but what makes it worse is I'm on my period with all the killer cramps and all that wonderful stuff to😭😭. I texted my boyfriend and asked him to come over to just hang out, give me on of his great massages and he hasn't responded. I know he's able to respond be he posted something on Facebook 3 min after I texted him saying can't wait for a night at the strip club. Guys would u come and hang out with ur girlfriend or just ignore her like my bf is?


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  • If I didn't have work then I'd be over there in a heartbeat with chocolate, backrubs, forehead kisses, and I'd try to make her dinner while she watched a movie but realistically I'd screw it up.

    • Yesss total boyfriend material over here! Thanks for MHO!

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  • This must be fake.. I refuse to believe any guy is that much of a douche.

    But on topic
    last week I was in the same boat, girlfriend was sick and on her lady time
    I was round there at 9 am with hot choc a water bottle and gossip hah
    ya gotta be there for peeps ya care about ^_^

    • He is somewhat of a ass sometimes like now, but it's not very often he's this way

  • If I can I would be there with her. I know it sucks to be sick, but if you add having your period, well, you know how bad that is, so I would try to make her day a little bit better if I can.
    I've always empathize with girl's periods, maybe because I had a sister who was the worst when she was on her period, so I can understand how bad they can get xD

  • I would come over. Your bf is an ass. Why are you allowing him to go to a strip club?

  • ignore. only cuz she is on her period. i try to avoid my girlfriend as best as possible when she's on her period cuz she is a class A bitch on her period. and no matter what i do for her she is still a pretty big bitch on her period. so best for me to ignore.

    • lol your also 17...

      Big difference dating when your 17 vs in your 20s generally. Generally more is expected for a relationship unless the female is insecure, clingy, potentially stalker crazy, or just has no standards.

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    • @Yeatts
      i dont mean to brag, but i know im really good looking. thats why i get almost any girl i want at my school. also, i think you are giving females your age way to much credit.

    • Meh fair enough. Unfortunately if a guy is hot he can act like a dick and stupid females still put up with them :/

      I would like to think at least SOME females my age have standards but maybe that is too much to ask.

      by the way good for you.

  • come take care of her

  • haha, he's probably decided a night at the strip club would be more entertaining seeing as how you're ill and on the blob. If I cared about a girl I'd be there taking care of her.

  • If I wasn't do anything I would come help. I would expect the same from my gf if I was sick so why not. Last time my gf was sick I made her tomato soup and grilled cheese then we laid on the couch and watch "Perks of being a Wallflower" which is a meh movie but she likes it. Next time I am sick I can pick the movie :P


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  • Yeah if I was you I would dump him. He obviously doesn't respect you and he probably only wants you for sex.

    My bf has seen me have panic attacks and complete breakdowns but he still stays with me and trys helping me through it. Last time he even skipped out on sleeping before work to come to the hospital with me and he works 12 hr overnight shifts. So yeah your bf sucks that is not to mention the whole strip club thing. If my bf did that and I found out he knows I would breakup with him because that is just a plain lack of respect.


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