Why do some guys continue to propose that I drop everything and move in with them?

I've been getting this a lot. Guys I've known from the past whom I've fooled around with or they had a crush on me at one point or whatever.
For example, one guy last night messaged me on Facebook and proposed that I move in with him even though I live out of state now. This is a guy I knew in college and I only ever had a FEW conversations with. I barely know him!

Why does the fact that he barely knows me not seem to matter to him?

Another example: A guy I knew in high school but never dated and I've had conversations with over snapchat. He has said to me on several different occassions, "When are we going to get married? Where do you want to live?"

We haven't even dated. We would have to date for at least a year for me to consider that. But for some reason this doesn't occur to him.

If there's one thing about the way guys think, it's this


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  • Ima let you finish, put drop everything and move in with me, right meow. Your whiskers, I like dat shit.;)

    • lol well thanks grumpy

    • Well whats the risk involved for the guy, none. It's sketchy being a girl in general, the guy isn't afraid you might eat him or something. People ask friends to move in, so to them it may seem like their plan is working with a common 'friendly' and 'not obvious feelings involved' gesture.

    • No problem scaredy cat!

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  • The first one was probably for real. The last one wasn't serious

    • he is serious though. Like if I don't respond with smiley faces he says stuff like, "you don't seem like you're wanting to talk about that stuff"

    • Wow. Tell him its not going to happen

What Girls Said 2

  • Some men think with all the equality that women could take care of them financially and pay rents for them.

  • I think it's our age group, I had some sexual relations with a friend and he is always suggesting moving in together. I think it's a combination of wanting to move out of their current place (his parents house) and maybe moving in with someone they might possibly get to have sex with. It's like a win-win. Haha.

    • Yeah moving away from their parents and fucking someone whenever they want seems more ideal to them lol.

    • Right? Shit, if I still lived with my parents I'd be doing it too haha.

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