If I confessed, how will a guy react?

in my previous question i said i asked a guy for his number, he asked why, i ignored, etc.
But i think he will ask why again, so im planning to say, "i kinda like you, thats why" really calm. If i said that, if he liked me i know he will give me his # but if he didn't, how will he react?

we're good friends and he was smiling when he asked why, as if he knew i liked him


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  • That sounds like a good way to do it. But if a girl asked for my number randomly, I'd assume she liked me. I feel like confessing your love casually is the best.

    • But do you think he will ask me why tommorow? A lot of my friends said that he will be curious tonight, lol

    • I don't know. I think you're planning too much. If I were you I'd just make sure I'm in the right mindset before talking to him and improvise.

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  • I think itll be a pleasant experience even if he declines (I don't think he will) because of other comittments

  • Just make a joke out of it. Say so I can put it on the internet. Why do you think I would want it?


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