Blowing me off or busy?

I just got the number of a cute guy and I texted him a day and a half ago and he didn't respond and he was traveling to another state at the time for a competition that lasts for the entire week and weekend and I know he's busy but then my friend texted him and the cute guy replied but didn't to me and I'm not sure if he didn't know what to say so he said nothing because I've heard he's really shy and awkward when it comes to talking to girls


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  • Sorry to say but he is indeed ignoring you. How can he be busy whenever you want to talk but free when your friend texted him? Sorry girl but I think it is time you delete his number and find someone else (:

    • I don't know he only sent that one text and hasn't responded to my friend since and at big competitions sometimes coaches take the kids phones because they need to stay off technology and prepare for their races so there's a chance he's not totally ignoring me but there's a good chance he is

    • wait for him to text you first

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  • Depends, what did your friend say to make him respond?

    I would like you to have your friend text him again and I want you to text him as well, not at the exact same time but text him when he replies.

    If he doesn't reply to you and only her, then you will know your answer to your question.


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