Do men like apology gifts?

If so like what? Do they like roses as well or what?


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  • No, apology gifts aren't very good. All a guy wants in this situation is to make up. That is the one and only thing on a guys mind if this happens.

    Unless he's a selfish prick =)

    • Roses are definitely a no go but if you insist on getting a gift then lol believe it or not, food is a great gift. Buy him a Kebab lol

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    • Well I don't know that's why I was asking. But I don't think I am. He was in the wrong as well.

    • doesn't seem too serious if your not sure what it is lol. But every man loves kebabs

  • Food. get a six pack of pop or beer or whatever he drinks. flowers are useless to a guy unless he's a landscaper.

  • Apology gifts? So mean paying me to forgive you?

    • Well not you because your 15. Someone with experience thanks.

  • I honestly feel insulted when someone thinks they can buy their way out of bad behavior. That's some shit that would get you dumped by me. It's far better to actually take responsibility, apologize, and bend over backwards to bring me back... Start throwing money at me to make up for your mistakes and I'll drop kick you.

    • Well here a the thing he was also in the wrong... So I just wanted to be the bigger person

    • It's good to apologize for your actions, and then talk once everyone has cooled off. I just think if you make a mistake and then just throw money at it, that's just stupid.

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