Do you think I can get him back?

This guy. A really popular guy. Like REALLY popular. Thinks I rejected him, but I didn't. Or, I didn't mean to at least. Do you think I have any chance of getting him back? I said I was sorry I couldn't go out with him that day and everything, but he seems to not be talking to me now. I try to give him space and to just casually post things on FB when he's online, but no interaction since =( What should I do? I don't really feel as though I should try to initiate a convo this soon coz he didn't answer the last message I sent.


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  • just talk to him, admit you made a mistake but if he doesn't respond after a third attempt then honestly he is full of it and don't waste your time, but don't be surprised if he remains kinda reserved if he manages to talk to you

    • Ok thank you! And sorry for taking so long to reply I haven't been on in a few days =)

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  • I doubt he is playing games unless you played games first... wait did you?

    At any rate he probably misunderstood and now because you turned him down he has a bruised ego.

    Your best bet is to ask him if he wants to go out. Technical he already asked you out first. but when you got back to him you didn't make any actually suggestions you just hinted. People especially men don't always pick up on hints.

    • no, i didn't play games. i don't believe in that kind of stuff.

      hmm okay, thanks a lot! =)

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  • When you said you were busy, did you offer an alternative date? Otherwise he would assume you are not interested

    • I asked what he was doing the rest of the week and he said he didn't know

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    • thank u!

    • If you have any more queries, pm me anytime :) glad to help

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  • Do you want this men back? That's the question

    • i really, really, really do want him back. i wanted him all along =(

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    • No bitches aren't honest men are.
      Bitches play games men don't

    • honest about what they want and mean is what I meant

  • he's playing you... he and his friends are laughing.

    • Do you think so? Ugh, maybe you're right =( He seemed like he did want to go out tho at the time, and then when I couldn't that day it's been weird after that

    • I do.. one of the main reasons due to the fact that you really emphasize that he is popular. That must mean you consider yourself out of his league and sadly it may be true. a lot of popular guys will talk to girls "below" them to make them feel good and laugh about it with their friends, I know cause I know plenty of guys that do it. If he tries to "smash" cut him off. If you do chill with him play hard to get. In other words don't give off the "omg you're popular" vibe. Act like he is just another guy. (:

    • i don't know if i'd say i was out of his league, but i thought since all the girls want him, he might not even care about me anymore since he can just move on with anyone he wants pretty much :/

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