Boyfriend followed slutty girl on instagram, check out other girls in public?

I am a fairly attractive person, and I get checked out by many guys when I am out but I pay no attention to them. One time my boyfriend and I were walking past a group of guys and he said, "They are all staring at you", and I go "What?" because I was just enjoying my french fries and didn't notice!
My boyfriend recently followed this "public figure" in instagram where she posts skimpy pictures of her butt and abs. It makes me feel, "Are my private pictures good enough?" because he does have a couple of them! When we are out and there are girls that are not as attractive he still would look at them up and down, I just feel its quite disrespectful
I know he won't cheat and he is completely faithful to me, after all it took him awhile to jump into a relationship. It took us awhile to get together ever since he saw me as eye candy because he wants to get to know me more as a person before diving into a relationship.
I want to know if its normal for guys to check out other girls when they are in a committed relationship and am I all right to feel this way or am I being an insecure little bitch?
The strange thing is, he doesn't get jealous at all when other guys are hitting on me. One time he asked me to give this guy my number and I'm like no way!!
Before we got together this other guy wanted to keep in contact with me via phone and email and I asked my boyfriend what should i do im not interested and he said to give him my number and text in a 3:1 basis and the guy would get the idea that im not into it. Instead of doing that i just gave the guy my email, giving him my phone number is too personal...


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  • It's completely natural for guys to check out other women while in or outside of a relationship it's just in our nature to do it. so as long as he is faithful then there's no big problem but I guess if it really bugs you then you can ask him to at least not do it when your together.


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  • Sounds to me like he enjoys the fact that other men want you, but can't have you like he can. Those men can have you for a moment, a glance, or even just a short time to exchange emails. But he can have you as long as he wants.

    It is odd that he is telling you to give guys your number. But I'm wondering if he has a cuckold fetish? Basically what it is is a guy who gets turned on when his girlfriend is with another guy.

    It could even go so far as you having sex with another guy and him either watching or listening to you enjoying another man. Some guys get off on stuff like that.

    I'm not sure if that's the case. But it's quite possible.

    If you are really curious as to where this is coming from. I would ask him. Ask him why he encourages you to give out your number. See what he says.


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  • That's weird how he told you to give him your number. Is he checking girls out on purpose? It kind of seems like it.


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  • You're being an insecure little bitch. Get over yourself. He's going to look at other women. Unless, of course, you give him a pair of sunglasses with your photo taped to the inside of the lenses.

  • You are not insecure little bitch. lol
    He thinks you will never leave him and he trusts you. But giving your number to a guy? LOL That is really too much.
    I mean he does not have to act jealously. But he has you and you have him. There is something of a border between other people. There is a line you know. You and him should not let other people pass this.
    His and your understanding of a relationship is different. You need to talk to him. And say your concerns. There is nothing wrong with that.


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