Guys who skateboard?

So im just curious if you skateboard or skateboarders in general what kind of girls are you attracted to or does it vary like other guys? the guy I have a crush on skateboards and im curious if there's anything in particular you guys like about a certain look of girl No I don't want to change who I am for the guy I like so don't take that way but your opinions are greatly appreciated.
opinions from guys are who skate board are greatly appreciated


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  • if you wanna stick to stereotypes then he'll be into girls that dress like they're straight edge. but it does vary guy by guy.

    • do you skateboard

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    • and when you say looks wise, a pretty face is all it takes, remember a pretty face is subjective.

    • thanks

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  • They are so arrogant, you just want to smack them in the face with their skateboards.
    They think they are entitled to the hottest girls in the city.
    But to answer your question, they like ditzy airheaded but hot girls like Kylie Jenner.

    • are you a guy who skateboards

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    • But I gave you the best perspective. Be pretty and self absorbed.

    • but not every guy who skateboards is that way

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  • Oooooh god I am majorly into this guy, and he skateboards... I don't exactly have a type for guys that I like though

    • may i ask his name or hint just in case its the same guy? lol

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    • You click my name on my opinion, it sends you to my profile. You click message :) don't worry, it's not stupid

    • ok i just messaged you

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